10 February 2021

Love-less and Love-some

The sad thing about life is, we spend too much time thinking about others, and not enough about ourselves. We fear that we'd be tagged as selfish, too busy, too involved in our own self. Most of what we do is out of love, affection, belonging and the eventual fulfilment of expectations.
None of this is eternal. Not even one.

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06 December 2020

How I will never cope with the concept of Death, and people leaving us to never come back

I just finished watching the movie - One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, playing Emma and Dexter in a life-like film that starts in 1988 and goes on till 2011.
Emma and Dexter, meet after their graduation and decide to kick it off, although things don't go as planned, and the next thing you know they become more than what sex defines humans to be.

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05 December 2020

Feels like I have hit my rock bottom

I have reached that point in life again where I am simply, tired.
There is a part inside me which pushes me to keep going but there is another part that just constantly yells: 'Quit!' I am not sure if you have faced something similar.
Exhaustion is a better adjective to describe my situation but it still doesn't seem enough. This officially is my rock bottom. The best part about being here is knowing the fact that it only goes up.

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22 May 2020

Until The End Of Quarantine

I am tired now,
more than I was before,
and this doesn't seem to get any better.
Every new day.
Seems a decade away,
while I hate growing old.

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13 October 2017

This will not make sense to you.

I am recollecting a phase where I wrote almost every alternate day and I found joy in doing so. I was someone who also had a daily diary that was actually a ranting session with a book that did nothing more but listen to me. I stopped writing 2 years back for myself and changed ways. I wrote for people, surroundings and the things that happen in our society. It was so life-changing

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